2017 50th Anniversary Lino-cut Print Portrait (Porter and Carol)

2017 PEZ Lino-cut Print Portrait

2016 PEZ Lino-cut Print Portraits 
(Doctor and Frankenstein)

2015 and 2016 Graduation Lino-cut Print Portraits
(Sam and Sarah)

2015 50th Anniversary Lino-cut Print Portrait
(Stan and Irene)

2015 PEZ Lino-cut Print Portraits 
(Astronaut, Frog Whistle, Football Player, Cowboy, Valentine, Olympic Wolf, Chick-with-Egg, Orange, Sailor Monkey, Melody, Meowth, Pikachu, Mew, Koffing, and Psy-Duck)

2014 PEZ Lino-cut Print Portraits 
(Space Trooper, Hello Kitty, Ninja Turtle, Lion with Crown, Cow B, and Mario)

2013 Family Lino-cut Print Portraits (Jeff, Jace and Me)

2013 PEZ Lino-cut Print Portraits
(Mimic the Monkey, Pony-Go-Round and Mr. Ugly)
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